William Manchee


Disillusioned, A Stan Turner Mystery Vol 9 - July 2010

This is a short synopsis of the new Stan Turner Mystery coming out this summer.

After being discharged from the United States Marine Corps, Stan ends up in Dallas where he intends to finish law school. In the spring of 1976, while attending SMU, he is recruited into the Republican party, elected county chairman, and finds himself helping President Gerald Ford in his campaign against Jimmy Carter. The campaign is marred, however by an untimely FBI investigation into the financial dealings of a major party contributor, Brad Thornton. The investigation unleashes an avalanche of misfortune beginning with the alleged murder-suicide of Stan’s friend, Ron Shepard, his wife Cindy and their three children and culminating in the resignation of two republican candidates for the 67th District’s state representative seat. Stan, who can’t believe his best friend could have murdered his family, launches his own personal investigation to clear Rob’s name. When the investigation turns up new evidence that threatens members of a powerful Mexican drug cartel, Stan is kidnaped and taken to a secluded place called “the dump” where he is to be murdered and his body burned to prevent identification

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