William Manchee


The Planet Tarizon, Part 2

Millions died during the super volcanic eruptions, but many more died in the years following from the toxic gases that enshrouded the planet. In addition to the ill effects that these gases had on the people and plant life, the loss of ninety percent of the normal sunlight was just as devastating. Agricultural production plummeting and the death toll skyrocketed. To save the population that was dying off so quickly, the government began building huge domed cities within which they could filter the bad air and purify the water supply. Obviously, the construction of these great domes took time and, in the meantime, the people suffered. By the time the cities were protected by the great domes, the birth rate on Tarizon had fallen below the death rate, and the population of Tarizon began to shrink.

Not only was the population waning but most who were born after the great eruptions were mutants, some stronger and better adapted to Tarizon’s new environment, but most sickly and deformed such that they became a tremendous burden on the government. This problem created a great debate in the World Assembly. The Loyalists insisted these mutants were full citizens of Tarizon and must be cared for and protected. The Purists, however, argued they were an abomination, a drain on the precious resources fo the planet and should be eradicated. As long as the Loyalists remained in power, the mutants rights were protected but their growing numbers caused a rift in public opinion and the Purist’s solution began to gain favor. During this time a brilliant mutant named Threebeard emerged as the leader of the mutants and began to mold a strategy against the Purists and their policy of genocide.

The Seafolken, a race of humans that had adapted to life in the sea, were also a target of the Purists. They were independent, peace-loving, and rejected any governmental authority over them. The Loyalists believed they should be left alone and allowed to live in peace, but the Purists feared them and viewed them as an intolerable threat to their view of a world order, They often captured, tortured, and enslaved them, but for those who would not submit to slavery, they favored genocide.

Although the Seafolken preferred peace they were very strong, tenacious fighters and extremely difficult to kill on account of their thick green skin. In fact the Purists had to develop special weapons for use against the Seafolken as bullets and lasers were often ineffective. Seafolken also possessed telepathic abilities which allowed them to communicate with each other under water and over short distances. One in three also had some telekinetic abilities giving them an even greater advantage in battle.

Seafolken women, like the mermaids of Earth, had another weapon. Their sexual allure was so great few non-Seafolken males couldn’t resist them. The Seafolken women’s natural pheromones were diluted by the salt water in which they  spent so much of their time, so their bodies had to produce seven times more than the human female who lived on land in order  to attract the attention of their males. Once in the female Seafolken’s spell the human males were helpless to defend themselves.

After the super-volcanic eruptions and the Purists movement gained strength, Threebeard enlisted the support of the Seafolken against the Purists in the inevitable civil war that was about to engulf the planet. The Seafolken quickly formed military units, elected leaders, and readied themselves for a call to arms.

(To be continued...)

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