William Manchee


The Planet Tarizon, Part I

I am often asked why I decided to write the Tarizon Trilogy. Well, as vast as the universe is I've always believed that somewhere out there intelligent life must exist and it's just a matter of time before we have an encounter with aliens from another planet, if we haven't already. There's been a lot written on the subject, but nothing very satisfying to me, so I decided to write a plausable scenario for such an encounter. In this case I decided the encounter would be with humans from a sister planet that we never knew existed. In my scenario Earth and Tarizon were settled by humans from the mother planet Pharidon. Pharidon was overcrowded so settlors left to find new homes in other galaxies. One went to Tarizon and another to Earth. They brought with them plants and animals native to Tarizon in hopes they could survive in their new homeland. The settlers didn't fare too well on either planet and barely survived the harsh conditons they found, but a few did and eventually humankind flourished on both planets. Obviously, their histories and level of technological advancement were quite different. Tarizon was slightly advanced technologically when our story begins, but the planet has suffered ecologically from decades of nuclear wars.

This is when the holy man Sandee Brahn received a message from God that he must unite the warring nations of Tarizon into a single world government that could rule the planet in peace and allow its ecology to recover. After a great struggle Sandee Brahn was successful and the world's governments met in a World Assembly and ratified the Supreme Mandate that was to be the constitution for a new world order. At this time there were two main political parties represented in the World Assembly, the Loyalist and the Purists. The Loyalist were the majority party and were the architects of the Supreme Mandate which guaranteed equality for all life-forms, freedom of speech, the right to assemble among a myriad of other civil rights. The minority party was the Purists who believed that only human beings should be afforded civil rights. They believed in a strong centralized government and limited rights to citizens as they didn't believe the average citizen could manage their own affairs effectively. Central Authority was created as a compromise between the Loyalist and the Purists. It was a strong central government that often treaded on individual rights but worked well in these difficult times. For twenty years Tarizon flourished until the great volcanic eruptions and Tarizon was thrust into a decade of chaos.

(to be continued)

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