William Manchee


Top Ten Reviewers

Well its that time again. Time to send out galleys to the top ten reviewers and keep my fingers crossed...

Every year, four or five months prior to publication, authors or publishers go through a ritual of sending out galleys to the top reviewers. These are the ones who can make or break a new title. You know the ones, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, the New York Times, Booklist, etc.  A review from one, whether good or bad, is critical to have any chance of a descent distribution.  A review from two or more will insure distribution to librairies and bookstores across the nation which is essiential for a book to be successful. 

Each year with the number of published authors skyrocketing, it gets harder and harder to snag one of these reviews. At least for those of us published by small presses. So, once again I'll go through this ritual and hope fate will smile upon me and at least one of these reviewers will pick up Tarizon: Civil War and give it a read.

Wish me luck. 

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