Thousands of years ago a group of explorers was sent out from the planet Pharidon to find new habitats for their exploding population. After years of searching without success, the explorers split up with one finally discovering Earth and the other Tarizon.

The Pharidon explorers thrived on Tarizon but as their population grew and spread out over the globe, nations were formed each claiming sovereignty over its populace. Eventually, national pride, greed, and envy led to a hundred cycle global nuclear war. Peace only came after a spiritual leader, Sandee Brahn, led a movement to unify the planet and bring about lasting peace. His goal was accomplished at a World Assembly where the Supreme Mandate was written and ratified by all the nations of Tarizon and peace was finally restored.

Shroud of Doom takes place thirty-seven years after unification (37 A.U.) The planet’s ecology is slowly recovering from the effects of the long war that has killed millions, destroyed most of the planet’s infrastructure, and left Tarizon barely habitable. In order for the human population to survive huge domes have been constructed over the cities to protect the inhabitants.

Unfortunately, the cities were unable to contain the entire population and millions were left outside the domes to die. Although most did die a few managed to adapt to Tarizon’s hostile environment and survived. Like the mutants, the two other sentient life forms on Tarizon, the Nanomites and the rhutz were left outside the domes to fend for themselves. Shroud of Doom is the story of the collision of these two worlds which eventually plunges Tarizon into civil war.

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